MyFTB Corner December 2020 Tax News

Renew your taxpayer information authorization (TIA) clients early

We discovered a problem for business entity (BE) TIA client renewal in MyFTB.

We planned to change the renewal period for all accounts from 90 to 5 calendar days before the expiration date. However, we discovered that the updated renewal period has not been functioning for BE Clients whereas it is working as intended for Individual Clients.

Therefore, we recommend that you renew your BE TIA accounts early. Remember, you can renew a TIA client as early as 90 calendar days before its expiration.

Be sure to renew your BE TIA clients at least 10 business days before expiration. You will know when any client is eligible for renewal because the “Renew” link will appear in the Actions column of your Client List in MyFTB. When renewal has been completed, your client will receive standard letter: FTB 1125, Tax Information Authorization Filed.

If the renewal period has passed, you cannot renew your client using the “Renew” button. You must use “Add TIA Client” in MyFTB or submit form FTB 3534, Tax Information Authorization to add your client again. For more information about how to add a TIA client, refer to “How To Add TIA Client” in MyFTB. Reminder: You must have your client’s permission to renew the TIA relationship.

We apologize for any inconvenience caused and we look forward to a system update for BE client renewal in early 2021.