CalSavers Retirement Savings ProgramPublic Service Bulletin

January 03, 2022

Purpose of bulletin

To inform staff and the public that Franchise Tax Board (FTB), partnered with CalSavers Retirement Savings Board (CalSavers), to collect penalty payments from employers who fail to comply with CalSavers Retirement Savings Program (CalSavers program) requirements. FTB will begin issuing penalty imposition notices starting January 2022 and anticipates receiving calls from employers.


FTB partnered with CalSavers to distribute penalty notices, collect payments, and administer an appeals process for employers.

Additional information

If an employer received a FTB notice for the penalty imposed by CalSavers, they either haven’t registered or have yet to comply with other CalSavers program requirements.

Common reasons for the notice would be, if employers did not:

  • Register with the CalSavers program
  • Provide eligible employee information on time
  • Provide new eligible employee information on time
  • Remit employee contributions

What Employer Needs to do:

  • Complete the Requirements
    To comply with the CalSavers Program, employers can visit the CalSavers Employers webpage to register, provide eligible employee information, and remit employee contributions. Employers will need the CalSavers access code from their notice and Federal Employer Identification Number (FEIN).
  • Pay the Penalty Amount
    • Send a check or money order payable to Franchise Tax Board
    • Include the Reference ID (from the FTB notice) on the payment
    • Mail the payment with the Pay-By-Mail voucher included with the notice to:
State of California
Franchise Tax Board
PO Box 2966
Rancho Cordova CA 95741-2966

If an Employer Disagrees With the Notice:

Contact CalSavers to discuss the penalty balance due and register or comply with other requirements by visiting FTB does not have detailed information about employer accounts or penalty status.

How to Contact CalSavers

Weekdays, 8 AM to 5PM

How to Appeal Penalties

Employers may appeal penalties within 90 days of the first FTB notice date (FTB 4230 A). Employers cannot appeal penalties after the 90 days have passed.

If an employer was not able to resolve penalty disputes with CalSavers and would like information on our appeal process, contact FTB.

Contact FTB

Weekdays, 8 AM to 5 PM
916-845-7892 (outside the U.S.)
State of California
Franchise Tax Board
PO Box 2966
Rancho Cordova CA 95741-2966