Legal ruling 1992-2

Franchise Tax Board - Legal Division
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>December 28, 1992

Control Number: 410:RDB:CL-92-991

Domestic (NonForeign) Resident Partner Withholding Guidelines

Attached is FTB Pub. 1017 which is incorporated in this Ruling. Its provisions are intended as the guidelines to be followed to comply with the withholding requirements imposed on partnerships under Revenue and Taxation Code Sections 18805 and 26131, and the regulations issued thereunder. Effective January 1, 1993, the guidelines set forth in Pub. 1017 replace those set forth in FTB Notice 90-5 (August 20, 1990).

Drafting Information

The principal author of this ruling is R. Douglas Bramhall of the Franchise Tax Board Legal Division. For further information regarding the contents of Pub. 1017, contact the Franchise Tax Board Withhold at Source Unit, Post Office Box 651 Sacramento, CA 95812-0651, by FAX at (916) 369-4831, or by phone at (916) 369-4900.

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