2017 Instructions for Form FTB 3533-B Change of Address for Businesses, Exempt Organizations, Estates and Trusts

General Information


Use form FTB 3533-B, Change of Address for Businesses, Exempt Organizations, Estates and Trusts, to change your business mailing address or your business location. Only the changes to your mailing address will be used for future correspondence. Generally, complete only one form FTB 3533-B to change your business address. If you are a representative filing for the business, go to ftb.ca.gov and search for poa.

You may also go to ftb.ca.gov and login or register for MyFTB or call 800-852-5711 to change your address. If you change your address online or by phone, you do not need to file this form.

Who Must File

Complete FTB 3533-B only if you file any of the following business, exempt organization, estate or trust income tax returns: Forms 100, 100S, 100W, 109, 199, 541, 565, or 568.

Entity Number, Name and Address

Enter a California corporation number or California Secretary of State file number, if applicable. In addition, enter the entity’s federal employer identification number (FEIN). Enter the business, exempt organization, estate or trust name and address.

Additional Information

Use the Additional Information field for owner, representative, or attention name or supplemental address information only.

PO Box

If your post office does not deliver mail to your street address, show your PO box number instead of your street address.

Foreign Address

If you have a foreign address, follow the country’s practice for entering the city, county, province, state, country, and postal code, as applicable, in the appropriate boxes. Do not abbreviate the country name.


The owner, officer, or a representative must sign and enter their title. An officer is the president, vice president, treasurer, chief accounting officer, etc. A representative is a person who maintains a valid power of attorney to handle tax matters.

Where to File

Mail this form to:

Franchise Tax Board
PO BOX 942840

If the business moved after you filed the income tax return and the business is expecting a refund, notify the post office serving your old business address to assist in forwarding your check to the new business address.