What to do if you did not file Personal and business taxes

There may be many reasons why you have not filed or paid your taxes. Review some common situations below.

Missed the filing deadline

If you missed the filing deadline for filing your income tax return, we give you an automatic extension until October 15th. No application is required. Visit Personal due dates for more information.

Have not filed in one or more years

If you have not filed a tax return in one or more years, file as soon as possible. This can help you reduce penalties and interest you may owe. Visit our forms and instructions to get the forms you need file for the applicable tax years.

Live in California, but work in another state

If you live in California, but work in another state, you’re a resident of California. Visit residents for your filing requirements.

Live in another state, but work in California

If you live in another state, but work in California and haven't filed, visit part-year resident and nonresident for your filing requirement.

Do not have money to pay your taxes

Even if you cannot pay your taxes, file your tax return. Once you file, we can help you resolve your balance due. You may be eligible:

Interest and penalties accrue from your original payment due date. This includes a penalty for failure to file your return when due.

Cannot locate your documents

You may be missing the necessary documents to complete your tax return. If you lost, or never received a W-2, contact your employer. If you need a copy of your state tax return, visit How do I get a copy of my state tax return? for more information.

Doing business in California and have not filed

If you’re doing business in California, you’re subject to our tax laws. Visit our Business filing page to figure out your filing requirements, based on your business type.

If you're doing business as a corporation or trust, you may be eligible to participate in our Voluntary Disclosure Program.

If you’re an out-of-state business, you may qualify for a Filing Compliance Agreement.

Contact us if you did not file

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