Our programs


Our Filing program:

  • designs and distributes tax forms
  • processes tax returns and payments
  • manages non-filer and real estate withholding activities
  • provides resources so taxpayers can comply with the tax laws


Our Collection program collects tax owed through:

  • self-assessment
  • audit
  • settlement
  • filing enforcement

Our automated systems collect revenue from taxpayers who voluntarily comply. Manual collection efforts make sure taxpayers who don’t comply pay their fair share.


Our Audit program:

  • conducts audits of income tax returns filed by corporations, partnerships, and individual taxpayers
  • runs a federal/state automated audit program
  • performs non-tax audits of political entities


Our Technology program uses the latest technologies to help taxpayers:

  • get answers to their questions
  • file tax returns
  • pay the correct amounts due

Our goal is to make it easy and fast for taxpayers to do business with us.

Our Legal program:

  • handles administrative tax, bankruptcy/collection and personnel matters
  • assists the Attorney General in court with litigation cases
  • issue guidance to our staff on legal issues
  • issue guidance to the public with legal rulings, public notices, and regulations