Virtual Hold Technology for the Tax Practitioner's Hotline Public Service Bulletin

Purpose of Bulletin

To inform the tax professional community of the implementation of Virtual Hold Technology for the Tax Practitioner's Hotline commencing March 1, 2023.

Additional Information

The Tax Practitioner Hotline in the Filing Services Bureau, Taxpayer Services Center Section, has experienced very high call volumes which have resulted in significantly lowered Levels of Access (LOA). The low LOA is a direct result of deflected and abandoned calls which require tax professionals to call in multiple times to reach a representative.

Implementing the Virtual Hold Technology will allow tax professionals to request a call back within a set time frame rather than having to wait on hold. Based on the results that other units have experienced by using this technology, we expect the implementation will:

  • Reduce abandoned calls
  • Reduce deflected calls
  • Raise the LOA
  • Increase customer satisfaction
  • Decrease the need to request resource assistance