Participate in our Board Meeting Provide a comment during a board meeting

We welcome the public to provide comments in our meetings.

There is a delay between the phone lines and the live stream presentation. If providing comment, use your phone line to listen to the meeting so you are in real time.

Here's how to offer public comment during our FTB Board meeting:

  1. You will enter the phone line as an attendee.
    • Date:
    • Telephone Number:
    • Access Code:
    • The moderator will request your name once you are on the line.
    • After each board agenda item, the Board chair will invite the public to submit public comments.
    • If you would like to comment, push 1 then 0 to speak on your phone.
      1. The moderator will let you know when to press 1 then 0.
      2. You will be placed in a queue and will be prompted when it is your turn to speak.
      3. When you begin public comment, state your name and who you represent (if anyone).
    • When you are done, you may continue to stay on the line or leave the meeting.