March 28, 2023 Board Meeting Agenda

Franchise Tax Board Meeting
Tuesday, March 28, 2023 at 1:30 p.m.
Franchise Tax Board
Town Center, Gerald Goldberg Auditorium
9646 Butterfield Way
Sacramento, CA 95827

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Pledge of allegiance

Item 1. Approval of Minutes

Minutes of the December 8, 2022 Board Meeting and Taxpayers' Bill of Rights Hearing -- Board Approval

Item 2. Administrative Matters

A. 2023/24 Spring Finance Letters - Board Approval

  1. Customer Service Resources
  2. IBM Enterprise Licensing Agreement

B. Out-of-State Travel Blanket - Board Approval

Item 3. FTB 2022 Accomplishments Video

Item 4. EDR2 Update

Item 5. Workforce Succession Planning at FTB

Item 6. Executive Officer's Time

Executive Officer's opportunity to report on matters of interest to the Board.

Item 7. Board Members' Time

Board Members' opportunity to raise other matters of interest.

This facility is architecturally accessible to persons with physical disabilities. When the circumstances warrant, the Chair may modify the order of the agenda items. As such, please be aware the individual presentation times are subject to change.

This agenda, including links to written material related to the Open Session agenda items, is also available on FTB's Meetings webpage under the heading 2023 meeting schedule.

Please contact the Board's Liaison at:

Voice: 916-845-1454

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To place your request, contact FTB's Accessibility Coordinator:

Voice: 916-845-7003
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