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Coder (.NET, C#, Java, COBOL, SQL, etc.), project manager, big data, requirements development, system design, networking, telecom, storage, server admin, systems analyst, quality assurance tester, service desk, systems engineering, security, acquisition, technology name it, we’ve got a job for you!

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Are you a student?

Starting as a youth aid, student assistant, or graduate student assistant is an easy way to begin your state career.

Youth Aid: This position typically allows for high school students to work during summer months or on a part-time or intermittent basis during the school year in positions consistent with continued school attendance, to perform a variety of tasks which require limited or no work experience. To qualify, applicants under 18 years of age must possess an appropriate work permit required by the California State Education Code.

Student Assistant: To qualify as a student assistant, you must be a college student enrolled in classes during the regular term (Fall, Spring and Winter, if applicable), at an accredited college or university and carrying a minimum of six semester units (or nine quarter units for undergraduate students), with a grade point average of 2.0 or higher. You must be majoring in, enrolled in, and/or have been enrolled in curriculum relating to the job for which you’re applying. Examples include: Business, Information Technology, and Communications.

Graduate Student Assistant: To qualify, you must be registered as a graduate student in a college or university of recognized standing (at an accredited college) during the regular term (Fall, Spring and Winter, if applicable; persons appointed during the summer months must produce evidence of eligibility for such registration in the following enrollment period). You must be majoring in, enrolled in, and/or have been enrolled in curriculum relating to the job for which you’re applying. Examples include: Business, Information Technology, and Communications.

About FTB

Did you know?

FTB has one of the largest IT teams in the state and we’re responsible for more than administering tax programs. That means you could build your whole career here, doing all kinds of meaningful work, while advancing your knowledge and skills…and your career.

Interested in IT leadership? Many of our technical staff have advanced from technical jobs to leadership positions at FTB, both in technology and other fields. FTB is known for its family atmosphere, supportive culture, and is a great place to work!

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Why work for the State of California?

  • Stable and meaningful work with work-life balance.
  • Flexible future: Build your career, change career paths, and more.
  • Health care: Many plans to choose from.
  • Retirement plan, 401K and 457(b) savings plans, and more.
  • Paid leave: vacation, sick leave, holidays, and more.

For more information read through the Work for the State of California (PDF) brochure.

Need to know how the state application process works?

See The CalCareers Job Application Process Explained - YouTube.

LEAP (Limited Examination and Appointment Program)

LEAP is designed to help persons with disabilities get jobs in California state civil service. LEAP is an alternative to the traditional testing process, allowing applicants to demonstrate knowledge, skills and abilities through on-the-job testing (a "Job Examination Period").

In order to apply:

  1. Create a CalCareers account.
  2. Get LEAP certified by the Department of Rehabilitation.
  3. Take LEAP Readiness Evaluations to obtain list eligibility
  4. Apply for job openings
  5. If selected, complete a Job Examination Period. Candidates who successfully complete the Job Examination Period are transitioned to the civil service classification for which they tested.

What’s next?

  1. Create your CalCareers account.
  2. Complete relevant online exams
  3. Apply for open FTB tech vacancies
  4. Interview for the position
  5. Pass Background check

How our process works

Estimated hiring timeline
Application step Timeframe
Job is posted and applications accepted 2-4 weeks
Applications redacted and accepted 1-2 weeks
Applications go through screening process 1-2 weeks
Interview scheduling 1-2 weeks
Interview 1-2 weeks
Reference and eligibility check 1-2 weeks
Conditional offer and background check 2-4 weeks
Final job offer 1-3 weeks

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