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State of California Franchise Tax Board

How do I get a refund of excess SDI?


The maximum SDI withholding tax for 2015 is $939.40 ($104,378 x .90%).

You may be entitled to claim a credit for excess SDI (or VPDI) only if you meet all of the following conditions:

  • You had two or more employers during 2015.
  • You received more than $104,378 in wages.
  • The amounts of SDI (or VPDI) withheld appear on your Forms W-2.

You may claim the excess SDI or (VPDI), Form 540, or Long Form 540NR. You cannot claim the excess SDI (or VPDI) on Form 540 2EZ or Short Form 540NR. If you normally file Form 540 2EZ and are eligible to claim excess SDI (or VPDI) you should switch to Form 540 to claim the credit. Short Form 540NR filers must use Long Form 540NR to claim the credit.

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