Help with Golden State Stimulus

Eligibility and qualification

You believe you qualify, received CalEITC, but did not receive a payment

If you think you qualify for the Golden State Stimulus, and did not receive a payment, contact us. Allow 45 days beyond mailing timeframes to allow for processing.

You didn’t file for the 2020 CalEITC but you qualified

If you would like the stimulus payment and are eligible for CalEITC in 2020, file or amend your 2020 tax return by October 15, 2021.

Pending Individual Taxpayer Identification Number (ITIN)

If you’re waiting for your ITIN, do not file your tax return yet. Wait until you have your ITIN. The return you file must include your ITIN to qualify for the stimulus payment. You have until October 15, 2021 to file your tax return. Visit Extension to file for more information.

Deceased eligible individuals

Deceased individuals that use the married/RDP filing status and have children may qualify for the stimulus payment. The payment is not available for deceased individuals using a single filing status and without a qualifying child.

Incarcerated eligible individuals

Incarcerated individuals that use the married/RDP filing status and have children may qualify for the stimulus payment. The stimulus payment is not available for incarcerated individuals using a single filing status and without a qualifying child.

Household or residence

The stimulus payment is issued per tax return, not by household/residence. Two individuals in the same residence could receive a stimulus payment (as long as they both qualify).

California resident

To be eligible, you must live in California for more than half of the 2020 tax year. You also must be a California resident on the day payment is issued to get the stimulus payment.

Personal information

Your bank account number

When you file your taxes, make sure you use your current banking information if you would like your payment through direct deposit.

Typically, you'll receive this payment using the refund option you select on your tax return. If you received an advanced refund through your tax service provider or paid your tax preparation fees using your refund, you'll receive your payment by check in the mail.

You moved/changed your address

We use your last address on file (typically the address on your last filed return). If you’ve moved, you want to make sure to update your address so you receive your payment. Contact us about address changes. Note: Additional time needed to process with address changes.

Income taxes

You filed your taxes through a professional tax service (in-person or online) and requested an advanced refund

If you received or requested your refund in the manner above, you will receive a paper check by mail based on the last address on file.

Stimulus payment and taxable income

The Golden State Stimulus is not taxable for California state income taxes. You will not claim this as income on your California income tax return.

Stimulus payments

You received a payment but don’t think you qualify

You have received the Golden State Stimulus payment based upon the eligibility criteria. If you feel you received this payment by mistake, contact us.

If payment is lost or destroyed

Contact us to replace your paper check.

Golden State Stimulus fraud

If you think your payment has been stolen or you suspect fraud, you can Report tax fraud online. Check “Golden State Stimulus” as the fraudulent activity involved.

Delayed payments

Some payments may need more review depending on the situation or information we have. This could delay some payments. This could include address changes, bank account changes, etc.

Refer to When you'll receive your payment for more information.

Collections (offsets, withholding orders, wage garnishments, levies)


The Golden State Stimulus payments will not be subject to offset for debts owed to us (Franchise Tax Board) or other government agencies.

Garnishment Orders

In general, the Golden State Stimulus payments are not subject to garnishment orders, with the exception of orders in connection with child support, spousal support, family support, or a criminal restitution payable to victims. If you believe your Golden State Stimulus payment that was deposited to your financial institution has been levied/frozen in error, please contact the phone number provided by your financial institution.

Other stimulus programs

Golden State Grant Program

CalWORKs participants and recipients of other benefits may qualify for the one-time $600 Golden State Grant. You can receive both this grant and the Golden State Stimulus if you qualify. Visit Golden State Grant Program (California Department of Social Services website) for more information.

Federal IRS Stimulus Payment

The Golden State Stimulus is not the same as the Federal IRS stimulus payment.

It is also not an unemployment insurance benefit.

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