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FTB Auditor Series job opportunities

Start your career with FTB! We have two entry-level positions available in Audit and Taxation. Check out the minimum qualifications to see which classification you qualify for:

Tax Auditor Minimum Qualifications Program Specialist Minimum Qualifications
Tax Auditor Self-Assessment Exam Program Specialist Self-Assessment Exam
(Open January & June)
Open Job Opportunities Open Job Opportunities

If you don't see a job opening available now, please check back in soon.

Auditor Career Paths

auditor career path chart

Office locations

  • California: Sacramento, Oakland, San Francisco, San Jose, Van Nuys, Los Angeles, West Covina, Santa Ana, San Diego
  • Out of State: Houston, Chicago, and New York

How to apply

  1. Create your CalCareers account.
  2. Complete Tax Auditor Self-Assessment or Program Specialist Self-Assessment.
  3. Apply for FTB Audit vacancies posted on CalCareers.

How our process works

Estimated hiring timeline
Application step Timeframe
Job is posted and applications accepted 10-30 days
Applications go through screening process 10 days
Interview scheduling and process 14 days
2nd interview scheduling and process 14 days
Reference checks 14 days
Conditional offers and background check 30 days
Final job offer TBD

Why work for the state of California?

Some of the many great reasons to work for the state include:

  • Stable and meaningful work with work-life balance.
  • Telework opportunities and flexible work schedules in all programs.
  • Flexible future: Build your career, change career paths, and more.
  • Health, dental and vision care: Many plans to choose from.
  • Retirement plan, 401K and 457(b) savings plans, and more.
  • Paid leave: vacation, sick leave, holidays, and more.

For more information read through the Careers with Franchise Tax Board brochure.

Contact us for more information

Reach out to our Audit recruiters.

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