Information Practices Act IPA

The IPA of 1977 allows you to access personal information we maintain in files and records, unless they are exempt. It also restricts the disclosure of your information to members of the public.

Civil Code 1798, et seq.

Revenue and Taxation Code 19570

This RTC section states that the provisions of Civil Code 1798.35 - 1798.37 and 1798.45 - 1798.53 do not apply to the determination of the existence or amount of any person’s liability for:

  • Tax
  • Penalty
  • Interest
  • Fine
  • Forfeiture
  • Any other imposition or offense

under RTC Parts:

  • 10 (Personal Income Tax Law)
  • 10.2 (Administration - Franchise and Income Tax)
  • 11 (Corporation Tax Law)


A partial example list of records exempt from disclosure are as follows:

  • Criminal investigation records
  • Certain employee records
  • Testing or examination criteria
  • Personal information relating to another person, which would violate their privacy

Visit 4200 Exemptions from Access in our Disclosure Manual for more information.

How to access your records

To view your confidential tax records, log into MyFTB.

You may also submit a written request, which must include the following information:

  • Your name
  • Your social security number or FTB identification number
  • Your address
  • A description of the records in your request, including the specific tax year(s)
  • Your signature on the request

You can send your request to us by fax or mail:

(916) 845-4849
Franchise Tax Board
Disclosure Office, MS A-181
PO Box 1468
Sacramento CA 95812-1468

If you would like to submit a request for public records, visit the California Public Records Act page.

What to expect

We’ll review your request and provide any requested records that we maintain unless they’re exempt.

Generally, we charge 10 cents per page whether paper or electronic copies are provided.

Your rights

You have the right to know what types of information we gather and how we use it. You may review your information and bring any inaccuracies to our attention.

Visit 4020 Amendment or corrections of records in our Disclosure Manual for more information.

Contact us

(916) 845-3226
Weekdays, 7AM to 5PM