Known Issues and Solutions e-file Program

This page contains workaround solutions for e-file returns available this tax year and past two years.

Date Entered Tax Year Form Type Issue Type Impacted Program Description of the Problem Temporary Solution Date Resolved Resolution
05/12/2021 2020 Schedule CA (540NR) Business Rule Individual Publication 1005, Pension and Annuity Guidelines, instructions were revised regarding how to report an IRA deduction (IRA Age) on Schedule CA (540NR), Part II, Section C, line 19. This caused e-file returns to fail due to rules SCHCANR-068 and SCHNR-072 for columns D and E. To exclude the line 19 [IRADeduction] from line 22 total [NetAdjustments], add the negative amount of line 19 to line 22 columns D or E [Adjustment]. TBD TBD
03/10/2021 2020 FTB 3849 Business Rule Individual Rule F3849-100 does not allow the exception for taxpayers who elected the alternative calculation for year of marriage and therefore, should enter zero on line 26 and skip lines 27 through 29. File on paper TBD TBD
02/17/2021 2020 Federal Form 3903 Schema Individual The federal schema requires the [EligibilityRequirementMetInd] checkbox to be checked for Member of the Armed Forces on active duty; however, California does not conform to that federal law. California allows moving expense deductions for military and non-military members. For non-military taxpayers, submit the form as a PDF attached to the California return. If unable to attach a PDF, then include a general dependency statement in the schema file with the information requested on IRS Form 3903. TBD TBD