e-file for software developers and transmitters

How to participate

To participate in the California e-file Program as a software developer or transmitter, you must:

  • Apply for the IRS Electronic Filing (e-file) Program. We'll receive your account information within 2 weeks after the IRS accepts you into their program
  • Have an approved IRS electronic filer identification number (EFIN) and electronic transmitter identification number (ETIN)
  • Be sure to update any information changes with the IRS. We'll automatically receive any updates you make to your IRS account

Software developers

You must pass our yearly participant acceptance testing system (PATS). See Test Package for e-file of California Tax Returns and Stand-Alone Payments (Pub. 1436X).

Direct transmitters

If you send submissions directly to FTB, you must pass a communication test (Pub. 1436X) using software that has been PATS approved.

You must tell us:

  • Which software product you will use
  • The names of all the software products you will use (if more than 1 product is used)

Technical information

e-file Return and Stand-Alone Payment Guides

Test package

Valid XML schemas

Accepted forms

List of forms we accept by e-file:

Memorandum of agreement (MOA)

As a commercial vendor, you may request a presence on our website. If approved, we'll provide a hyperlink to your service.

MOA Program Coordinator

(916) 845-7524

Scheduled system maintenance

5 AM to 7 AM (PT)

If you get a transmission error during this time, please try again after 7 AM.

We'll email you if our system is down (outside scheduled maintenance) for longer than 1 hour.