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Customer Feedback

Here's what taxpayers who e-filed their ReadyReturns said about ReadyReturn. These are direct quotes from the online survey.

  • It was easy, fast, and painless, thank you.
  • The instructions for making changes to Windows and Firefox in order to view the return in Adbobe were excellent.
  • Thank you very much!!
  • Having a form with previous filing information and that can be adjusted easily is great. That saves a lot of time and headaches. I have never filed returns online so it was a good experience. I will use it again next year.
  • Very easy process. Much appreciated.
  • This was super easy! I have been dreading this, but I'm very pleased with how user friendly this system was.
  • That was the easiest tax file of my life.
  • Thanks!  That was extremely helpful.
  • Thank you. I'm very happy I received a letter and will share with family and friends. I love this.
  • I’m impressed. It's hard enough to have to pay taxes for everything and be frustrated at how it's spent on programs that people take advantage of when I can barely afford gas sometimes.
  • Easy, quick and very practical. Looking forward to this method again. Thanks.
  • The form letter was easy to understand, easy to follow, although the instructions are not up to date with the current website - I was still finding it very easy to follow them.
  • Thank you all for making this very easy!!
  • Excellent, best painless way to file taxes.
  • Wish all government entities provided such an efficient and effective program!
  • I was apprehensive at first but it wasn’t so bad after all. I think I will file this way next year.
  • This should be used for everyone who makes less than 12,000 a year.
  • Loved the whole process. Thank you for offering it to me. Will definitely be using it next year.
  • 2nd year using ReadyReturn. Absolutely terrific service. Makes doing my tax return painless. Now if you could only convince the federal government to do something similar.
  • Very helpful. Didn't know this was an option and will consider it for 2012. Thank you.
  • I first saw the letter back in March but my computer had a virus. I just got it fixed when the second letter came so I used ReadyReturn and loved it.
  • I'm glad someone helped me with taxes, it can be a confusing process and this seems like some cared enough.
  • An extremely useful an efficient service for single income taxpayers with no itemized deductions. This is definitely saving taxpayer money somewhere.
  • Thanks FTB very much for making our life easier and saving our money. Thanks FTB for high efficiency.
  • This is an outstanding service. I enjoy the ease of use and understanding. It helps out a lot and I want to continue to use this service. Thank you.
  • Thank you for advancing with changing technology to make this process simpler for taxpayers.  I really appreciate the option.
  • Thanks a ton for an e-filing option of the state tax at no charge! Keep up the good work. Sincerely appreciate the effort.
  • I love using Ready Return. It's so fast and reliable. I don't like using the government's tax system because it's complicated. They should definitely take advantage of something like this! Please, keep up the good work! :) Thank you!
  • Outstanding. The government is finally making life easier! Thank you.

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