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ReadyReturnGeneral Information

ReadyReturn uses information from your 2012 tax return and income as reported by your employer to pre-fill a California tax return. If you qualify, all you need to do is review your return, make any necessary changes, then sign and e-file your return.

Once we receive your final wage information from your employer, you can begin by providing your FTB-assigned Customer Service Number.

Who qualifies for ReadyReturn?

You may qualify if you filed a 2012 California resident return with:

  • Single or head of household filing status.
  • Income only from wages.
  • No more than five dependents.
  • No credits other than the renter's credit.
  • Standard deduction.

In addition, you must have had only one employer in 2013 and earned less than $172,615 if single or $258,927 if head of household.

What if my tax situation changed in 2013?

If you got married, entered into a registered domestic partnership (RDP), had a child, received additional income, or qualify for a tax credit, you can easily update your ReadyReturn online. We will guide you through changing your return.

How can I learn more about ReadyReturn?

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