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New date for filing homeowner and renter claims

Filing period begins July 1; FTB to issue claim forms in June

Please advise your clients that the filing period for the Homeowner and Renter Assistance (HRA) program has changed.

This year's filing period begins on July 1, 2001.

The purpose of the new HRA filing period is to reconcile the start of the filing period with

the beginning of California's fiscal year, since funding for this program is not available until the Governor signs the state budget.

In an effort to file their HRA claim as quickly as possible, some well-intentioned claimants have modified the old 2000 claim form, completed it with current year information, and submitted it already. In some cases, these claim forms have been submitted along with their tax return. We cannot process 2001 claims until July 1, 2001.

Note: Official FTB claim forms for the 2001 filing season will be available via the Internet, on June 15, 2001. To get downloadable claim forms, visit us at and go to the Forms and Publications website.

Not too late to file last year's claim

If some of your clients were eligible to but did not file an HRA claim for the previous claim period, it's not too late. We will accept claim forms for the previous claim period until June 30, 2001.

Economic Development Areas Manual now online

Did you know that our Economic Development Areas (EDA) manual is available for viewing online?

The EDA manual is one of several in-house resources we put online. It provides technical guidance on the tax incentives associated with the economic development areas including Enterprise Zones, Local Agency Military Base Recovery Areas, Targeted Tax Areas and

Manufacturing Enhancement Areas. In fact, several of our internal procedure manuals online for practitioners and taxpayers are available for viewing or downloading from our Forms and Publications website located at

Manuals you'll find there include our:
. Bank and Financial Handbook
. Collection Procedure Manual

. General Tax Audit Manual
. Multistate Audit Techniques
. Water's-Edge Manual

Note: The information provided in our internal procedure manuals does not reflect changes in law, regulations, notices, decisions, or administrative procedures that may have been adopted since the manual was last updated.

Track FTB E-Government's progress on our website

Our E-Government Blueprint is available on our website at

In the blueprint we lay out our high-level vision and goals in the area of E-Government, discuss our more specific objectives relative to those goals, and set forth the high-level strategies that will help us deal with issues along the way.

The initial response to the blueprint from representatives in the tax practitioner and electronic tax preparation industries has been positive.

In order to give more value to our clients, we have launched a comprehensive effort to research taxpayer and tax practitioner preferences relative to E-Government services through the use of surveys, focus groups, and other methods.

In addition, we will continue to seek your input and provide you with updates on our progress at conferences and meetings, and through our Speakers' Bureau, articles in Tax News, and the electronic suggestion box that accompanies the E-Government Blueprint on our website.

May/June 2001

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