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Extensions granted to those affected by September 11 terrorist attacks

Volume 00-6 
November/December 2001

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Administrative relief provided to California taxpayers directly affected by the September 11 terrorist attacks includes additional extensions of time for filing state income tax returns due by the October 15, 2001, extension deadline.

Following the attacks in New York City, Washington, D.C., and Somerset County Pennsylvania, we announced a series of administrative measures to provide relief for victims of the tragedies. These included extensions of time to make estimated tax payments and file tax returns, as well as penalty relief. An estimated tax payment was due on September 17, 2001, but affected taxpayers have been granted relief.

"Our nation is recovering from the shock of these attacks, and the priority of the Franchise Tax Board is to give individuals and businesses as much time as we can to organize their tax matters," said California State Controller and FTB Chair Kathleen Connell.

Some California taxpayers may still not have access to financial records generated in New York City. Other businesses located in the vicinity of the World Trade Center and the Pentagon have experienced prolonged interruptions and are unable to conduct operations or make timely payments.

We encourage taxpayers who can file and pay to do so. Taxpayers unable to file and pay on time should alert us when they do file by writing in red on top of their tax return or payment: "September 11, 2001 Terrorist Attacks." We will not impose penalties during the administrative relief period. While California law allows us to waive interest for individual taxpayers, it does not allow us to waive interest for corporations. We will also seek legislative changes to allow waiver of interest on past due payments.

Further tax relief details will be announced on our website,, as they become available.

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November/December 2001

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