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Secure Web Internet File Transfer System (SWIFT)

SWIFT Transmitter User Guide - This guide contains the information you will need to ensure your business can interact with our SWIFT system, how to sign up to use SWIFT, and how to transmit files to FTB or receive files from FTB.

  1. What is SWIFT?

    SWIFT is FTB's Secure Web Internet File Transfer System. It provides our customers with a secure method for transferring files to and retrieving files from FTB.

  2. How does SWIFT work?

    SWIFT users must contact FTB to be issued a user id and password. In addition to your SWIFT login credentials, you will be provided with subscription folders. One is called "ToFTB" and is the place you will upload files intended for FTB to process. The other is called "FromFTB" and is where FTB will place files for you to retrieve.

  3. Is SWIFT Secure?

    Yes, SWIFT only allows HTTPS and FTPS protocols plus 128-bit Encryption using digital certificates from VeriSign.

  4. If I am using a 40-Bit Browser to Upload data securely will I need to upgrade my Web Browser to 128-Bit?

    Yes, you will need to update your version to 128-bit.

  5. What Web Browsers are supported?

    Internet Explorer (IE), Netscape, and Firefox.

  6. What is the maximum size file I can upload or download?

    SWIFT supports the transfer of large files. Browser based (HTTPS) transfers have a limit of 1GB.

  7. Can SWIFT receive emails to read and parse? How about attachments?

    No, SWIFT cannot receive email or attachments.

  8. Does SWIFT have the ability for error handling/correction? For example we have dependencies where processing must happen sequentially, if there is a failure during a step can SWIFT correct this before continuing to the next step?

    SWIFT can handle file transfer failures. Restart capability is available. SWIFT will not continue with the next step in processing the file until the entire file has been successfully transferred.

  9. How do I start using SWIFT?

    To register, contact your FTB representative or program area contact.

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