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EDR Changes Coming on June 30

On June 30, we will be adding new features to our Internal Taxpayer Folder (TPF) and Case Management (CM) applications. One of the changes will be the new appearance of the TPF. We will see improvements to the design, field layout, navigation, and overall usability. We made these changes based on feedback from pilot users’ experiences and joint application design participants, as well as input from teams and key staff from various business areas. We are using the crawl, walk, run implementation approach for these changes. This means that during the month of July, the number of TPF and CM users and features will be limited. By the end of August we will include all staff and fully implement all features.

For the TPF, besides the visual design improvements, we will be able to access additional TPF pages, including liabilities and penalties, 1099 details, filing enforcement, collection, and audit case lists, Power of Attorney pages, and more. We will also be able to view more financial and return data as well as view data from more of our legacy systems in the TPF. We will be able to add or edit contact and demographic information for a taxpayer in the TPF, such as name, address, phone number, email, ID, demographic date, and relationship. In this release, the entire enterprise will have access to more data, features, and functionality to improve our ability to assist taxpayers and tax practitioners.

For CM, we will fully implement correspondence routing and processing across the enterprise. We will have automatic updates of new addresses from our FTB 3533 Change of Address form, and from several other forms if the taxpayer checked the change of address box. This means, after we complete our work in CM, we will automatically have the latest taxpayer address information in the TPF, making it easier for us to contact and assist taxpayers.

These changes will give us access to more taxpayer data, all in one easy to view location. We are implementing these changes to make our interactions with taxpayers and tax practitioners more seamless, efficient, and productive.

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