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Strong Relationships Drive Project Success


Ensuring the success of large Information Technology (IT) projects, like EDR, requires many important components, not the least of which is placing the right people in the right positions on the project team. Over the past several years, we established a strong EDR Project team that includes experienced, knowledgeable FTB staff and Solution Provider (SP) staff in key positions.

We draw upon the broad experience that we gained from managing the successful California Child Support Automation System (CCSAS) Project and many other large IT projects. We leveraged many of the CCSAS project staff, used the same project methodology for the EDR Project, and continue to build a strong partnership with the SP.

Our strong team has been instrumental in our success with improving return processing and correspondence management, implementing Image Cash Letter, and modernizing our enterprise processes. We will continue to rely upon the team’s knowledge and experience as we approach the full implementation of our Internal Taxpayer Folder, scheduled for June 2014.

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