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Behind the Scenes of the EDR Project: EDR’s Business Process Management Center

How are the numerous business process changes initiated by EDR delivered to our employees? With the help of Business Process Management Center (BPMC) Section, that’s how. The BPMC Section provides oversight and guidance for the establishment and maturation of FTB Business Process Management (BPM). Among other things, the BPMC section maintains the Taxpayer Folder and Case Management Enterprise Procedure Manual, the transitioned training environment, and training materials.

Why did we Implement BPM?

BPM provides a way to improve business performance by making the business process life cycle simpler, and allows us to focus on continuous improvement and customer-centric results. BPM is especially helpful in an organization such as ours where business processes cross business units, where a lot of human action is required, where the process flow is often unpredictable, or where processes need to change regularly to meet new business needs.

BPM offers the following benefits:

  • End-to-end documentation of business processes, including interactions with other processes.
  • Faster time from idea to implementation of business process changes.
  • Less “firefighting” after implementing business process changes.

How are we Implementing BPM?

We are using a phased approach to implement BPM, with Phase 1 as the EDR Project. This includes reengineered business processes such as the “Intake Paper Returns and Payments” process and new business processes such as the “Inbound Correspondence” process.

BPM uses FTB’s business processes as the critical link to translate business strategy into execution and enables us to integrate EDR changes into our procedures quickly and seamlessly, which means better customer service without delays.

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