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Improved Correspondence Process

Did you know we receive about 10,000 pieces of correspondence from taxpayers and practitioners every day? Until recently, our process to handle correspondence was very labor intensive. Manual correspondence processing included multiple sorts and routes, resulting in a turnaround time that sometimes ranged from three to six months!

With the recent implementation of our new EDR case management application, we scan and image our correspondence in our receiving area, which allows us to automate correspondence processing. This makes your letters available to our customer service staff, auditors, and collectors within days instead of the weeks needed when we handled paper correspondence.

This means if you call us about a letter you or your client sent us, our staff is able to access the scanned image and any enclosures on their system. This enables them to resolve your questions more efficiently. Of course, as you may know, we have various ways for you to communicate with us that may be more convenient for you than sending a letter. You can use our Live Chat, Secure Email service, call the Tax Practitioner Hotline, or possibly find your answer on our website. Faster correspondence turn-around and a variety of communication options is improving our customer service, making it quicker and easier to resolve your tax issues.

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