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Coming soon - New Archive Section of

Beginning in July 2014, our website will have a new archive section. We will gradually move prior year and less visited content from the main (current) section of our website to our new archive section.

Why are we archiving web content?

  • To keep main content current and relevant.
  • To improve search results.

What are we archiving and when?

July 2014

  • 2012 and prior year legislation
  • 2007 and prior year tax forms, instructions, and publications

During 2014, prior year

  • Tax News
  • Press releases
  • Board and Taxpayers’ Bill of Rights Meetings
  • Interested Parties Meetings
  • Annual reports and statistics
  • Public service bulletins
  • 2008, 2009, and 2010 tax forms, instructions, and publications

In 2015

  • Content that was current in 2014 and now is prior year content in 2015

How this affects you

You will still be able to find what you need; however, it may now be located in the archive. We are not deleting content.


  • Searching either the current or archive sections of our website is easy.
  • Radio buttons labeled “FTB Current” and “FTB Archive” will be located below the search box allowing you to select the area you want to search.
  • Archived content will not display in “FTB Current” search results.
  • Current content will not display in “FTB Archived” search results.


  • Moving to and from the archive section is easy.
  • The bottom of every webpage will contain an FTB Home and FTB Archive link.
  • Current content will contain a link to related prior year content located in the archive.
  • Prior year content located in the archive will contain a link to related current content.


If you bookmarked content before we moved it to the archive, your bookmarks will be broken. To fix them, either:

  • Navigate to the content as you previously did and update your bookmark.
  • Add “archive/” to the URL as shown below:
Webpage Current link New link once content is moved to the archive
FTB Legislation
2007 and Prior Year Tax Forms, Instructions, and Publications

What will the archive site look like?

The top of each page will be grey instead of blue.

Each content page will contain an archive menu on the left-hand side with links to archived content. The menu will expand as we move additional content to the archive.

Example of an archive page

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