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California Tax Bills of Interest

At the beginning of each legislative season, many interesting tax bills always get introduced, but as legislators consider them, many never make it past the first round of cuts. This year, we proposed two bills through our legislative proposal process that didn’t make it. They were First Time Penalty Abatement, Assembly Bill (AB) 1777 and Research Credit Simplification, AB 2330. Many other bills also didn’t make it out of their house of origin, either the Senate or Assembly, and will not move on. However, we are tracking a few interesting tax bills that remain alive, which include:

  • AB 1393 – Mortgage Forgiveness Debt Relief
  • AB 2754 – E-file for Business Entities/Require Dependent Social Security Numbers on Returns
  • AB 1529 – Nonprofit Corporation Administrative Dissolution or Administrative Surrender
  • AB 1839 – California Motion Picture Production Credit
  • Senate Bill (SB) 798 – College Access Tax Credit

;For more information on these and other tax bills, go to and search legislative information to see our analysis of each bill. You can also follow bills as they are amended and move through the houses by using our Bill Tracking Report.

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