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An EDR Conversation with our CIO

As we approach a new year and are mid-way through our 66-month project, we wanted to take this opportunity to ask our Chief Information Officer, Cathy Cleek, a few questions about the Enterprise Data to Revenue (EDR) Project.

Q: Cathy, we know FTB has taken on many large projects over the years. What makes the EDR Project unique?

A: Many things make EDR unique. For instance, this is our first project that touches almost everyone in the department. That’s the E in EDR, which stands for enterprise. In the early days of project planning and naming the project, we thought it was essential to keep the enterprise at the forefront. The D for Data is key to the success of this project. As we image and data capture the paper data, we bring it together with all of the electronic data and make all the data available for use throughout the enterprise. We use data to select the best cases to work and use the most current address to mail notices to taxpayers. And, we use the data to help taxpayers file on time, file accurately, and pay exactly what is due – no more, no less! Collecting the proper amount of tax due is the R in Revenue!

Q: Now that you’re almost half-way through the project, is there anything you would change?

A: Actually, I wouldn’t make any major changes at this point. I think the pre-project work we did made a huge difference for us as far as identifying our needs and enabling us to scope the project based. The EDR project was divided into four major phases, and we use a “crawl, walk, run” approach to project management. The idea with a ramp-up approach is that you don’t bring all one thousand users online day one and send thousands of pieces of correspondence through the solution. You start slowly so you can closely monitor system performance and make sure everything is going according to plan. This cautious yet on-course rollout is the key    to our success to date. 

Q: What’s the next big milestone?

A: We deployed our Internal Taxpayer Folder in June of 2013 and we will add functionality and train even more of our staff to use the Taxpayer Folder in the summer of 2014. When fully deployed, the majority of correspondence that taxpayers send in will be imaged and electronically routed to our staff. That means if a taxpayer calls to discuss their correspondence, our employees will be able to see the image right from their desk. No more waiting for a piece of paper to be routed. Our staff will also use the Taxpayer Folder to access PIT and BE tax returns, payments, and FTB notices. I think this will improve customer service and speed up our response times.

Thanks to Cathy Cleek, our CIO, for sharing her perspective on this important project with us.

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