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Successful Implementation of Two EDR Releases

EDR Two Releases Image.

On December 31, we successfully implemented two EDR releases. These releases are the fourth and fifth of ten primary releases scheduled for the EDR Project (see image).

Release 1.1 added Business Entity (BE) and additional Personal Income Tax (PIT) tax returns to our return filing and payment processing pilots. The pilots allowed us to get paper tax returns scanned more quickly and to implement electronic imaging and deposit for paper checks. Specifically, with Release 1.1 we now process tax year 2013 BE tax returns (including amended tax returns), tax year 2013, 541 returns, and all tax years 540X (amended) tax returns. Also, we capture even more data from the BE tax returns we scan.

Release 2.1 extended and expanded our PIT correspondence pilot, which helped us handle our correspondence more efficiently. Among the many improvements this release brings, we now scan and electronically route paper correspondence associated to over 200 different types of forms.

Implementing these releases brings us another step closer to maximizing user productivity, improving customer service, and closing the tax gap by realizing the project’s $4.7 billion revenue target, with lasting benefits of $1 billion annually.

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