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Behind the Scenes of the EDR Project: EDR Training


The EDR solution includes numerous new systems and processes that impact how we do our work. Almost every employee at FTB will experience changes to their job due to the modernized systems and processes that EDR brings to us. Based on their job duties, each of these employees will need some level of training from a short computer based training (CBT) to multi-day instructor led training based on their
job duties.

In July, we scheduled to roll out full implementation of our Internal Taxpayer Folder. This means we need to train 3,600 staff, including those in California and out-of-state field offices, in a very short timeframe. To address our training challenges, early in the project, we established the Training Workgroup Team, comprised of both Solution Provider staff and our staff. This team coordinates, plans, and schedules EDR related training. Additionally, the team develops training materials and work support products, tools, and technologies.

So, if you contact us this summer, you may reach someone who has just been trained on our Internal Taxpayer Folder. The customer service representative will have access to images of tax returns, letters, and other important information at their fingertips. This should allow them to help you more quickly and efficiently.

This is the first in a series of occasional articles that take you behind the scenes of the EDR Project.

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