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EDR Update Presented to Advisory Board

On Monday, September 16, our CIO Cathy Cleek and Filing Division Chief Anne Miller provided an EDR update to the Advisory Board. The Advisory Board meets at least once a year and is made up of representatives from industry, state and federal government, and us. The Board meets to provide insight and contributions from a non-FTB point of view to our executive officer on the various projects and programs
we administer.

Anne explained that in the fall of 2014, users will see enhancements to MyFTB Account (the Taxpayer Folder). We will deploy more self-service applications that let taxpayers interact with their data and access their information and activity 24x7. They will be able to view their tax return, payment history, and all communication to and from us. They can also update contact information, receive and reply to a filing, audit, or collection notice, and submit a Power of Attorney – all online.

Anne also provided an update for tax professionals. In the fall of 2014, tax professionals will have convenient access to client tax information including FTB actions, communications, and taxpayer activities in a “view my clients” section. You will also be able to view California wage and withholding, FTB-issued 1099s, and estimated tax payments needed to prepare tax returns. This will help you to better serve your clients when engaged to handle a tax matter.

Cathy provided an update on our data clean-up and locate-service efforts, both of which are improving the way we do business. She also discussed some of the additional enhancements we will add to MyFTB Account in 2015 and 2016. With EDR, we have more and better quality data on taxpayers and we are using this data to help taxpayers and tax professionals file and pay accurately. It’s paperless, convenient, and
saves money.

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