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EDR Release 2.0 is Coming in June

June is fast approaching and we are getting ready to implement EDR Release 2.0 This release is a pilot and includes two primary components: automating our correspondence processing and expanding our Image Cash Letter program.

Overall, we receive over 2.5 million pieces of correspondence annually. For the pilot, we are focusing on correspondence related to Personal Income Tax Return Information Notices (RINs). We anticipate about 5,000 pieces of RIN correspondence during the pilot period.

Currently, we handle correspondence manually which is a labor-intensive and time-consuming process. It includes opening, sorting, and manually routing each letter to the appropriate work area. Our new EDR process allows us to scan and electronically route the scanned image of the correspondence to the appropriate work area for processing. These changes will help us to handle our correspondence more efficiently and speed up our response time for taxpayers.

Also, we expanded the Image Cash Letter (ICL) program to include all check payments we receive. Previously, we processed a limited number of checks through ICL. ICL allows us to electronically deposit payments made by paper check. This helps us reduce the time, cost, and risk involved with processing paper checks.

Release 2.0 will be implemented on June 30, 2013.

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