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MyFTB Account Registration

Simplify your lifeā€¦ get free, secure, online access to your client’s most important California state tax information 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

Register today for MyFTB Account on line at The one time-registration is easy:

Step 1: Register to create your account.

  • Enter your name, social security number, and valid email address.
  • Choose and enter a user name and password.
  • Enter your tax professional identification number: EFIN, PTIN, CTEC, or California CPA Number.

Step 2: View a client’s account information.

  • Get your client’s permission to view their account.
  • Login with your user name and password.
  • Enter information from your client’s current or previous tax return to view their account.

How tax professionals choose to gain permission is a personal choice. Some potential ways to obtain permission might include:

  • Use FTB 743, Online Account View Access Authorization.
  • Use FTB 3520, Power of Attorney.
  • Use IRS Form 2848, Power of Attorney
  • Have clients sign and date a Client or Engagement letter that includes permission language.

For a copy of the FTB 743, Online Account View Access Authorization, go to and search for FTB 743. If you choose to use this form, keep in mind that the authorization remains in effect until your client revokes it in writing. So, you may want to get former clients to give you written revocation for your files when an FTB 743 was previously used. Do not mail FTB 743 to us, as it was created merely to assist you in obtaining and confirming a client’s permission.

Federal regulations require annual changes to passwords used to access federal tax data. We receive tax information from the IRS and must follow their security requirements.

If you registered to view your client’s MyFTB Account data, you will need to change your password at least once a year.

To remind you of this requirement, we will send a message 30 days before your password expires to the email address on record in your MyFTB account. You can either change your password at that time or wait until the next time you login.

Changing your password is easy:

  • Login with your current user name and password.
  • From the Online Services for Tax Professionals page select the “Change my password, email address, security questions, or the security image.” link.
  • Enter your new password and save your changes.
  • Make sure you remember your new password.

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