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MyFTB Account, Formerly Known as External Taxpayer Folder Postponed

We decided to postpone public deployment of the new EDR functionality for MyFTB Account until June 30, 2015. The original implementation date was scheduled for June 30, 2014. MyFTB Account provides taxpayers online access to their tax information, filing and paying options, notices, and much more in a private and secure online environment.

At FTB, we set very high standards for our systems, in quality, usability, and especially security. These standards are even more stringent when it comes to providing online access to taxpayers’ confidential data, as we will do with the deployment of the new MyFTB Account. Therefore, we believe it is in the best interest of taxpayers and the state to postpone deployment of the new EDR functionality for MyFTB Account to allow more time for additional security testing.

Even though we have not identified any significant issues with the new EDR functionality, we have decided to pursue contracting with external security experts to conduct additional testing to identify any potential vulnerabilities, defects, or areas for improvement that we may need to address before we release the new MyFTB Account to the public. We will initiate security testing on September 30, 2014.

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