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July Marked 24 Months Completed of the 66-Month EDR Project

We kicked off the EDR Project in July 2011. Since then we implemented multiple initiatives improving service for taxpayers and increasing revenue. Additionally, we deployed three new systems that increase productivity in our return and payment processing areas.

This filing season was our first opportunity to take full advantage of new EDR Project systems for imaging and data entry of paper returns and electronic deposits of paper checks. Using these new systems, we processed more than 45,000 paper returns in one day. And, through the end of June, we deposited over $2 billion using our Image Cash Letter system. We reduced the volume of paper that we route throughout the department by making images of paper returns available for viewing for all eligible staff. These new systems resulted in higher productivity and speedier processing of returns and payments this filing season.

Additionally, we made it more convenient for taxpayers to pay their tax bills by providing a self-service on our Information Validation Return system that lets taxpayers set up installment agreements on their own, rather than waiting for an agent to assist them. We are pleased that many taxpayers are benefiting from this easy-to-use service.

As we enter our third year of the project, we are committed to work on new processes and systems that will support and improve our services for many years into the future.

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