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Web Pay for Individuals and Businesses

Do your clients know they can use Web Pay to pay their tax liability, including estimated tax payments?

Remind your clients they can use Web Pay to debit their bank account electronically versus writing a check. They can schedule their estimated tax payments in advance, and not worry about remembering to mail their check on time. This payment method could save them from penalties assessed later.

When scheduling their payments, they need to provide their bank routing number and account number. We provide some basic help to show where taxpayers can find this information on their check. However, bank routing and account numbers may not be the same for all financial institutions or if they are paying from a savings account. If your clients are unsure of the banking information they should provide for electronic payments and should always consult with their financial institution.

In addition, for those clients that login to their MyFTB Account, additional features exist in Web Pay such as the ability to:

  • View Payments – Allows both Individuals and business entities to view the status of payments made in Web Pay.
  • Cancel Payments – Allows both Individuals and business entities to cancel pending payments online. If your client needs to cancel a scheduled payment, they don’t need to call us, they can cancel it themselves online.
  • Save Banking Information – Individuals and business entities may now save their bank account information for the future payments for up to two financial institutions.

To use Web Pay, advise your clients to go to and login to their account, or they can search for web pay.

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