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EDR Update

On September 11, our Executive Officer Selvi Stanislaus, our division chiefs, and staff met with the FTB Advisory Board.

Our Chief Information Officer, Cathy Cleek, presented an overview of the external Taxpayer Folder, which we will roll out through the EDR Project in July 2014. The Taxpayer Folder will bring you online access to your clients’ accounts including numerous new functionalities for all taxpayer types.

Cathy provided sample web screens of the Taxpayer Folder. Additionally, she facilitated an exercise to identify the most needed Taxpayer Folder functionalities based on input from attendees at the meeting.

Based on feedback from the group, their top three requested functionalities for the Taxpayer Folder are:

  1. Data showing total tax liability for each client.
  2. Functionality to allow filing audit protests online, with real time confirmation that the protest was received.
  3. Functionality to allow viewing and updating taxpayer contact information, such as social security number, FTB identification number, address, phone number, and email address.

Currently, we are collecting data to help us design the external Taxpayer Folder based on the needs of our stakeholders, including the Advisory Board, certified public accountants, enrolled agents, tax attorneys, and taxpayers.

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