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Nontax Debt Collection Changes

Most of what we do involves administering two of California's major tax programs: Personal Income Tax and Corporation Tax. Our collections program, however, also has the responsibility for administering other nontax programs and delinquent debt collection functions, including delinquent vehicle registration debt collections on behalf of the Department of Motor Vehicles and court-ordered debt for California courts. Until recently, these nontax debt programs included collections on behalf of the Department of Industrial Relations (DIR). Revenue and Taxation Code (R&TC) Section 19290 and Section 19290.1, required that the DIR transfer responsibility for collecting specified delinquent fees, wages, penalties, costs, and interest to us.

Effective June 27, 2012, we no longer collect Industrial Health and Safety assessments for the DIR. Senate Bill 1006 repealed R&TC Section 19290 and Section 19290.1 removing our statutory authority to collect on behalf of DIR. For these debts, all inquiries should go to:

DIR at 916.263.2999.

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