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Major Improvements to Our Web Pay

Web Pay is our online system for making electronic payments. On January 3, 2012, we are rolling out a set of major improvements that will make Web Pay much easier to use.

The first significant change is that both individual and business taxpayers can access Web Pay directly once they’ve logged in to MyFTB Account. No additional authentication will be required. Once the taxpayer has logged in to their account, they can take advantage of three new features:

Save information for future payments – Taxpayers will be able to save information they use to make a Web Pay. They will be able to save bank account information for two accounts that they can use for future payments. Individual taxpayers can save spouse/RDP information, too. Also, since the taxpayer is already in MyFTB Account they no longer have to input their mailing address. (Individual taxpayers can update their address information in MyFTB Account.)

View scheduled payments – Taxpayers can view all Web Pay requests made on or after January 3. The payments will be displayed in three groups – pending, processed, and canceled.

  • Pending means we have not sent the request to the taxpayer’s bank. These payments can be canceled if the taxpayer needs to make changes or reschedule the payment.
  • Processed means we have sent the request to the taxpayer’s bank. We also provide links back to MyFTB Account to verify the payment has been applied. If the bank rejects the payment request, we will display the reason.
  • Canceled shows payments the taxpayer has canceled. This provides confirmation that the payment request was not sent to the taxpayer’s bank.

Cancel pending payments Taxpayers will be able to cancel payments that we show as “pending” in our system. They can usually cancel a payment up until noon on the scheduled payment date. To ensure the payment’s cancellation, it’s advised the cancellation take place no later than two business days before the scheduled payment date. If the taxpayer needs to change the account they’re using, the amount of the payment, or the date the payment will be made, they will need to cancel the payment and complete a new payment request.

Individual taxpayers still have the option to access Web Pay without registering for MyFTB Account. They can log in with their social security number and last name, as they do now, but they will not be able to use any of the new features. If they need to cancel a payment, they will need to contact our e-Programs Customer Service Unit at 916.845.0353, TTY/TDD 800.822.6268, at least two business days before the scheduled payment date. We encourage all taxpayers to register with MyFTB Account so they can take advantage of the new features in Web Pay and manage their payments.

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