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EDR in the News

The EDR Project allows us to use technology to leverage existing data to more effectively administer our tax systems. This includes more efficient operations throughout FTB, better customer service, a higher level of transparency than we can provide currently, and additional revenue.

EDR Update:

We are implementing two initiatives next month to help us bring in additional revenue for the state. The initiatives are:

Financial Institution Record Match (FIRM)

FIRM will increase our leverage in collecting taxes from delinquent taxpayers. We will generate additional levies that enable us to obtain delinquent taxpayers’ banking information by matching their records against financial institutions that do business in California. An overview of the program, along with additional information that includes a FIRM General Information Booklet, is available on our FIRM webpage.

Interactive Voice Response (IVR) Installment Agreements (IA)

IVR IA will provide us with an enhanced IVR application that supports payment installment agreements for taxpayers. Taxpayers can set up installment agreements by making a free phone call to an easy-to-use self-service application. The application will help increase the number of installment payment plans while freeing call center staff to assist more taxpayers with complex issues.

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