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Happy Birthday Live Chat!

One year and 100,000 chats later, Live Chat is now a strong and vital part of our Public Service Team.

On March 11, 2011, with high hopes and expectations, Live Chat started out as a small pilot project to handle non-account personal income tax (PIT) chats. In one short year, we:

  • Went from a pilot project to a permanent Live Chat unit.
  • Expanded our service to non-account specific business entities (BE) chats in September 2011, in response to overwhelming requests from our customers.
  • Handled more than 15,000 BE chats since our expansion.
  • Continue providing excellent customer service.

Here is a sample of what our customers say about our Live Chat service:

  • "This is much better than dealing with the phone tree. Nice to see some innovation at the FTB."
  • "This was fabulous and I will definitely use it again! So much better than waiting on hold!"
  • "Great way to wade through the red tape."

We are off to an exciting second year with our staff averaging more than 3,000 chats each week during our current filing season.

Happy Birthday Live Chat and team members! 

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