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2D Barcodes

By January 2014, select Personal Income Tax (PIT) and Business Entity (BE) paper-filed returns will require a two dimensional 2D Barcode. Since 1991, we used scanband technology on PIT paper-filed returns to help us process more efficiently. Because the data capacity of a scanband is very limited, we are transitioning to the 2D barcode.

In January 2013, we will initiate the use of the 2D barcode for PIT paper-filed tax returns; however we will not discontinue the scannable Form 540 until December 2013. In January 2014, we will expand the 2D barcode to BE paper-filed returns.

The 2D barcode technology allows us to capture all the data from paper-filed returns quickly and efficiently. This means our paper-return processing will be faster and more accurate.

We will work with tax software developers to assist them in adopting 2D barcode technology to ensure a seamless transition from scanband technology.

Key Dates

Sample of a 2D Barcode.

January 2013: Initiate 2D barcode for PIT returns. EDR Bar Code
December 2013: Discontinue scannable Form 540 .
January 2014: Require 2D barcode on all PIT and BE returns.

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