Tax News
July 2011

Partial Release of Lien for Short Sales

With many people facing financial difficulties, distressed homeowners are trying to sell their homes for less than the loan balance.  / more+

2011 IRS Tax Forums

Join your colleagues for three days of informative education sessions, training, and networking.  / more+

Tax Practitioner Hotline Phone Service

In the May Tax News, we discussed the changes we made to our Tax Practitioner Hotline service and the self-service options available to you. This month, we are going to discuss when you should call the Hotline, what we can and cannot help you with, and offer some helpful hints to make your call go smoothly.  / more+

IRS Offer in Compromise Program: An Option for Struggling Taxpayers

If a taxpayer is unable to pay a tax liability in a lump sum or through an installment agreement and has exhausted the search for other payment arrangements, the taxpayer may be a candidate for an offer in compromise (OIC).  / more+

FTB’s Streamlined OIC Program Continues to Help Taxpayers in Need

Our OIC program is for taxpayers who do not have, and will not have in the foreseeable future, the money, assets, or means to pay their tax liability.  / more+

Are Your Clients Subject to Minimum Franchise Tax?

 / more+

Coming Soon – Resident, Nonresident, and Real Estate Withholding Form and Processing Changes Begin August 29, 2011

Effective August 29, 2011, processing of resident, nonresident, and real estate withholding forms and payments will change to accommodate our new, automated withholding system.  / more+

POA Processing Changes

Due to budget constraints, beginning in July, we will no longer be returning incorrect or incomplete POAs to taxpayers.  / more+

Ask the Advocate

What is Happening with the Nonrefundable Child and Dependent Care Credit?

Do you have questions about the nonrefundable Child and Dependent Care credit (CDC)?  / more+

Event Calendar

As part of education and outreach to our tax professional community, we participate in many different presentations and fairs. We provided this calendar to show the events we are attending.  / more+

Inside FTB

Take a look at the changes happening here at FTB.  / more+

Criminal Corner

Our monthly summary on bringing tax criminals to justice, and closing the tax gap one case at a time.  / more+

Big Business

VCI 2 – Just the Facts

California's Voluntary Compliance Initiative 2 (VCI 2) begins August 1.  / more+