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City Business Tax Program Expands

Our City Business Tax Program just completed its Phase II expansion. With the addition of 15 cities, the program now serves 84 cities in California.

The City Business Tax Program allows California cities to exchange data with us at no cost. Participating cities use our data to identify businesses that may have a local tax filing requirement. We use city business license data to identify self-employed individuals who may not be filing required state income tax returns. Data is exchanged through Secure Web Internet File Transfer (SWIFT)--a secured transmission which ensures the confidentiality of the data shared.

As part of the phased expansion, we created web pages dedicated to the City Business Tax program. These pages provide instruction for participating cities to exchange data and provide incentive for other cities to sign up for this mutually beneficial  program. Go to and search City Business Tax for more information.

The City Business Tax Program will be expanding again in December/January. Send inquiries to or call 916.845.6304.

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