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Tax News Highlights from September’s Board Meeting

On September 1, 2010, the Board held a regularly scheduled meeting in Sacramento. The members heard presentations on the filing enforcement program, legislative activity, and a few budget change proposals.

The filing enforcement report highlighted the history of our efforts in this area and explained that 46 percent of nonfilers are wage earners while another 18 percent receive 1099 income. Only 14 percent are self-employed individuals. Each year, we issue nearly 1.2 million personal income tax notices and 200,000 business entity notices. Going forward, we are expanding our filing enforcement efforts for LLC and partnership entity types.

Next, our legislative director gave an update on our sponsored legislation and significant pending legislation. He stated that we analyzed 247 tax bills this year, while the average is usually closer to 165 tax bills. Sponsored legislation included a bill for innocent spouse conformity and voluntary disclosure agreements. Significant pending legislation included health care conformity and allowing taxpayers to report and pay use tax on their income tax return.

Finally, we presented three budget change proposals for 2011-2012. The first two related to our ability to enhance our compliance and taxpayer services related to our audit and contact center workloads, and the third was to replace the mainframe's central processing unit.

The next board meeting is scheduled for December 2, 2010 and is expected to include the Taxpayer Bill of Rights hearing. For detailed information, view the notice, agenda, minutes, and audio for each Board meeting.

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