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Phone System Failure

On April 14, one of our busiest days for our contact centers and for us in general, we experienced a card failure within our phone system. The card failure caused problems for callers to our contact centers for almost six hours, with some callers receiving dead air and others were disconnected. Typically on April 14 and 15, we will receive between 25,000 and 30,000 calls each day.

After many attempts to resolve the issue with no success, our vendor was aware that CalPERS had a spare card. At approximately 1:20 pm, a contact was made to CalPERS and they were happy to assist. The new card was delivered to our doorstep at 2:45 pm; installation began immediately, and within one hour all contact centers were up and running normally.

We want to thank CalPERS for their assistance to us. As a result of their quick response, approximately 4,600 callers were able to get through and get the service they needed on April 14. In addition, there was no disruption of service in our contact centers on April 15.

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