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Update Your Client’s Address When They Move Out of State

We want to get the message out regarding the importance of keeping addresses current with us when your client moves out-of-state. Just because someone moves out of California, that doesn’t mean we won’t need to contact them.

We receive updated address information from Licensing Boards. If a client holds an active California occupational license, we may contact them to determine if they have a filing requirement. 

However, it’s always good practice to keep address information updated with the Licensing Board, us, and any other state agency that may contact your client. Don’t assume that simply moving out of California and filling out a forwarding order will do the trick.

So to avoid any potential tax issues after moving, taxpayers should notify us by submitting a FTB 3533, Change of Address. We do not accept the post office change of address cards. Download forms at Mail the completed form to:

Franchise Tax Board
PO Box 942840
sacramento CA 94240-0002

Or call: 800.338.0505.

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