Tax News
April 2009

Improper Information Return Reporting Leads to Penalties and Loss of Deductions

Studies indicate that taxpayer compliance is highest when there is third party information reporting, such as the filing of Forms W-2 and 1099. / more+

Common Errors Found on California Combined Returns

We are seeing an up tick in errors on these returns. Beginning with taxable year 2007, we added two new questions. / more+

Fewer Notices – Less Time
FTB Revises Billing Process

As part of our ongoing effort to improve our collection program, we are streamlining the delinquent billing process. / more+

Get Estimated Tax Payment Email Reminders

Tell your clients about our new estimated tax payment email reminder service and they will never forget an estimated tax payment due date. / more+

Estimated Tax Payments with ABX3 3 Law Change

A taxpayer must make estimated tax payments if they expect to owe at least $500 ($250 if married/RDP filing separately) in tax for the 2009 tax year and they expect their withholding and credits to be less than 90 percent of the tax shown on their 2009 tax return or the tax shown on their 2008 tax return including alternative minimum tax. / more+

Check Refund Status

Good news! The state is issuing tax refunds again. / more+

Paying Electronically Saves Time

We all know that going paperless saves time, hassle, and trees. Paying electronically means your client doesn’t have to spend time writing and mailing a check. It also ensures that their payment is quickly applied to their account. We encourage them to use one of the many options we offer for electronic payments. / more+

Small Business

Do You Need to File a Claim for Refund?

If you filed your 2004 LLC tax return (Form 568) and paid a fee you may need to file a claim for refund for 2004 and the time to request a refund is running out.

New Jobs Tax Credit

A New Jobs Tax Credit is now available for employers beginning on or after January 1, 2009. / more+

Ask the Advocate

In March, we implemented our new Systemic Issue Management System. / more+

Inside FTB

  • FTB Begins Annual Nonfiler Program
  • The Package X customer service phone number, 916.845.7070, discontinues on April 16, 2009. / more+

Criminal Corner

Our monthly summary on bringing tax criminals to justice, and closing the tax gap one case at a time. / more+

Big Business

Large Corporate Understatement Penalty Frequently Asked Questions

In December 2008, we constructed a set of frequently asked questions (FAQs) to further explain the large corporate understatement penalty. / more+