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Improvements to My FTB Account

Image depicting the My FTB Account logo

My FTB Account is a secure online service that provides a window to tax-related information. It provides self-service options to you and your clients, allowing you to view:

  • Estimated tax payments.
  • Recent payments made.
  • The total balance due on the account.
  • California wage and withholding.
  • FTB-issued 1099-G and 1099-INT records.

We made improvements to My FTB Account, making it easier to use, adding new services, and linking to additional services we offer. 

One new service we added is estimated tax payment email reminders. Let your clients know they can sign up to receive email reminders for their estimated tax payment due dates. Also, we value your feedback, so we added a survey feature upon logging out of My FTB Account. Be sure to give us your comments on new ways we can improve My FTB Account in the future.

Go to and search for My FTB Account.

We want to hear from you about EASE

We are developing an online registration application called External Authentication for Secure e-Services, or EASE. It will allow taxpayers, corporations, and tax professionals to self-register for access to FTB’s secure e-Services. You can use EASE to select a login name and password, answer a few questions and quickly gain access to your own or your client’s information. EASE will replace the Customer Service Number (CSN) currently used to access secure e-Services and is scheduled for implementation the summer of 2009.

Once the online registration application is implemented, we plan to add more e-Services to our website such as:

  • Web Pay for corporations.
  • Address Update capability for individuals and corporations.
  • My FTB Account for corporations.
  • View tax returns for individuals and corporations.

To help us make registration simple for tax professionals, we want your input on the following:

  • Is it helpful for you to be able to view your clients’ account information online?
  • What kind of information would be most beneficial to view online?
  • Would you need to access the accounts of all your clients or just some of them?
  • What is the best method for you to get your client’s permission to view their information online?
  • What is a reasonable length of time for your client’s permission to be valid?

Visit our EASE webpage to send us your comments!