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The IRS offers free tax calendar

For small businesses and the self-employed

The 2008 IRS Tax Calendar for Small Businesses and the Self-Employed (Publication 1518 and Publication 1518SP, Catalog #12350Z), available in English and Spanish, is a ready resource to help small business owners meet their tax obligations. The 36-page, 12-month wall calendar is chock-full of useful information on general business taxes, electronic filing and paying options, retirement plans, business publications and forms, common tax filing dates, and much more.

Each page highlights different tax issues and tips that may be relevant to small-business owners, with room on each month to add notes, state tax dates or business appointments. As an added feature for 2008, you can import the tax calendar into Microsoft Outlook and iCal.

For an online version of the tax calendar, visit (keyword: tax calendar). Copies of the tax calendar can also be ordered online, or by calling the National Distribution Center at 800.829.3676.

To learn about other IRS products and services, subscribe to e-News for Small Businesses. To view a representative sample and to start your free subscription to e-News, just go to (keyword: subscription), type in your e-mail address, and submit.